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The most popular questions:

  • What if I really don't like an item? We pay close attention to your style file and overwhelmingly people love their items! But we COMPLETELY understand that sometimes we just miss the mark. If there's an item you don't like, you can return it to us for a $30 store credit for use online or in our Lynchburg storefront within 14 days of receiving the box. 
  • What if my style or sizes change? Email us at info@ayvenavenue.com
  • Do you make or tailor the clothes to fit me? No. We use brands and partnerships we know and trust. 
  • Are the clothes in the box the same as the clothes in your store/online? Sometimes! We love ordering pieces that are exclusive to our subscribers. However, if you see something on Instagram that you LOVE, message us! While we can't guarantee an item, we do take note of those things.
  • Okay, how EXACTLY does it work?  When you subscribe you fill out a very detailed style file. We ask you questions about preferences, fit, lifestyle, etc. Then every month we pour over our inventory and special order items that fit your style. We package your box up - (sometimes we  even partner with small businesses for extra free products and discounts!) - and we mail it out within the first full week of the month via USPS. You'll get an email that your box has been sent with tracking info, or you can pick up in the store. 
  • Okay, I want to give this as a gift, but what if I don't fill out their style file right?  With gifts we get that you're filling out their style file, so we typically include some of our best sellers/most loved items/crowd pleasers. If they receive their first box and the style file wasn't right, they can email us any and all corrections. 
  • I still have questions.... The quickest way to reach us to email us at info@ayvenavenue.com. 
When purchasing a product we want to make sure you find the perfect size on your first shopping trip! The product description will tell you how a particular item fits, whether it be true to size, or whether we recommend sizing up or down. We do try-on videos of all new pieces and post them to our product pages. Never hesitate to ask how something fits, you can email us at info@ayvenavenue.com.
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