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Ayven Ave Gives Back

When I decided to start the boutique, I knew I wanted it to mean more than just selling women’s clothing. A little background and fun fact, before I jumped head first into the fashion industry I was a registered nurse. When I originally left my career field, I felt like I was leaving a career with meaning and opportunity to just sell clothes. God quickly revealed that I had a unique opportunity to love on other women by building meaningful relationships while helping them find clothes that they felt good in! Watching women regain their confidence and getting to be a part of that ignited a passion in me for building a community of women who felt supported and loved no matter season they were in…the fun clothes were just an added bonus! ⠀

As our little community is growing, I feel like we have another opportunity to serve others, so I am SO excited to introduce #AyvenAveGivesBack! Each month we will choose a charity, or nonprofit organization to donate a percentage of EVERY sale to. From now on you will be shopping with purpose and meaning every time you purchase from Ayven Avenue. If there is a local organization that is near and dear to your heart, please email us at info@ayvenavenue.com. We are so excited to see how God is going to move in our business over the next year! As always, none of this would be possible without each one of you, so thank you for your love and support! We love you all SO much!




When purchasing a product we want to make sure you find the perfect size on your first shopping trip! The product description will tell you how a particular item fits, whether it be true to size, or whether we recommend sizing up or down. We do try-on videos of all new pieces and post them to our product pages. Never hesitate to ask how something fits, you can email us at info@ayvenavenue.com.
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