Hey girl! I’m Paige. The goal here at Ayven Avenue is finding cute and comfortable clothing, at affordable prices that fit REAL women. The mission behind it all is the community that the clothing brings. Our hope is that when you shop here at Ayven Ave, you find a happy and fun place to shop, where you know you are welcome, and that you find pieces to fill up your fitting room over and over again!

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Caramel anything. All the things caramel. Ice cream, coffee creamer, you name it I love it.
  • So cliché, I know…but really. I am nothing without coffee.
  • Foster care. I am passionate about kiddos in foster care, specifically teenagers. Teens are legit another species, I’m convinced, but they’re my jam. I promise they’re not as scary as you think, they just need someone to show up for them.
  • The ocean is literally my happy place, it’s where I feel closest to God and where I can literally feel the weight of life lift from my shoulders.