Hey friend, we are so glad you are here! At Ayven Avenue we are passionate about friendship, fashion, and foster care. It is a goal of ours to keep you informed on how impactful your purchases are, and thank you for joining us in giving big. When you shop at Ayven Avenue, you give back to your local community with each purchase.

Check out this video by The Mullins Photo Co.  to see how Ayven Avenue began, and the heart behind it all.

With each purchase you make at Ayven Avenue, you are giving to youth in foster care in the greater Lynchburg area. We have been giving to Impact Living Services gift fund, and it has been so amazing to see how strategically it has helped out! We have been able to give toward food trains, celebrations and so much more. 

Thank you for your friendship, wearing an Ayven wardrobe, and for giving BIG. You are amazing and we can't wait to see you again, so stop by the store or shop online! 

xoxo - Your Ayven Team 


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